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We are proud to offer SNAP MATCH at our market for the 2022 season. In the Fall of 2021 we formed a partnership with Louisiana Healthcare Connections (LHCC) in order for them to sponsor our SNAP MATCH program. They have been the driving force behind the success of our SNAP MATCH program. If you missed the ribbon cutting ceremony last Fall there will be another celebration this Spring welcoming an increase in the amount of matching funds we offer. Louisiana Healthcare Connections has made it possible for us to raise our matching funds from $15 to $20 per recipient per transaction. So when you spend $20 you will get an additional $20 making a total of $40 in fresh fruits and vegetables when you use your Louisiana Purchase Card. We will only charge your Louisiana Purchase Card $20 but we will give you $40 worth of tokens to spend on fresh fruits and veggies at our market! You cannot beat that!

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