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Josh Axsom is a Deputy Sheriff at the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office Reserve, K9 Handler and Patrol and has been with them for the past 4 years. Prior to working with them, he worked as a SWAT Deputy with Okaloosa County in Florida for 3 years. He is also manager at Axsom Air and owner/instructor for Natchitoches Tactical where he teaches firearms classes, defensive pistol shooting, concealed carry permits, and tactical fitness instructing. Josh studied at Northwest FL State College for Criminal Justice. He is certified in numerous programs including SWAT, Narcotics, Fitness training, K9, NRA Firearms Instructor, IDPA Safety Officer, and other business and mechanical certifications. He is a member of NRA Life of Duty, Rotary Club, United States Patrol Canine Association, and International Defensive Pistol Association. He helped create and produce “Bulletproof the Blue” that raised $10k for local law enforcement. He also worked on a greater goal which is to improve communication between law enforcement agencies and the community.

Josh has a wife of 11 years, Cristin Axsom, one son named Ethan that is 7 years old and a baby boy on the way in June. Josh promotes healthy habits by maintaining a fairly careful diet and exercise every day. He enjoys training at All Hours Fitness and encourages others there as a personal trainer helping create healthy habits.