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Ready Natchitoches

Recently, the City of Natchitoches received a Healthy Behaviors Program Grant from The Rapides Foundation. The Healthy Behaviors Program Grant funds projects which focus on healthy eating, active living, and prevention of tobacco and alcohol abuse. This grant is an important element that allows the Mayor to move forward in setting the tone for a healthy city. One aspect of the grant was for the creation of the Mayor’s Health and Fitness Council. The Mayor’s Health and Fitness Council meets quarterly; in addition, some small task forces will be formed to take action and accomplish various goals that are specific, achievable, and timely. A resolution was approved by the City of Natchitoches City Council on April 10, 2017 appointing an array of citizens with different backgrounds to be members of the Mayor’s Health & Fitness Council.


Receptive to change - We are working on long term solutions that will make the healthy choice the easy choice.


Educate and Implement - As a collective group, we develop and distribute information and services to improve health.


Accomplish Goals - We set goals in order to hold ourselves accountable and make long term change.


Data and Evaluation - We are utilizing and sharing data to understand the specific health needs of the community and will evaluate our projects for effectiveness.


Yield the Benefits - We want to celebrate success with our community and will offer events.


The Mayor’s Health & Fitness Council will utilize local health data to be more informed on their vision and priorities that will help them formulate specific committees, task forces, goals and events that will create a healthier City of Natchitoches. 


"Bike Sunday"

Join us every 3rd Sunday of the month for a three mile bike ride through downtown Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Where: NSU'S Watson Library parking lot on University Parkway

When: 2:30pm



Join the


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