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Get Involved

Want to get involved? Find out about our volunteer opportunities, sponsorships, and partnerships.

 Volunteer Opportunities


  • The Portable Park

  • The Natchitoches Farmers Market

  • The Mobile Market 

  • The Community Garden

  • Strawberry Patch and Fruit Tree Orchard


Volunteer for the Portable Park

The Portable Park is seeking volunteers with a variety of skill sets to run games and activities. Volunteers are needed during park visits.  If interested, please fill out our volunteer application. 

(Please see below)


Volunteer Requirements

  • Be kind and accepting to all.

  • Participate in physical activity outdoors. Which may include bending, running, and lifting.

  • Be willing to work in hot temperatures.


Fitness and Health Organizations

Is your organization interested in teaming up with the Portable Park? We are seeking groups to provide demonstrations and lead fitness activities or classes. If interested, please fill out the Organization Application.

Volunteer Requirement

  • Be kind and accepting to all.

  • Participate in physical activity outdoors, which may include bending and lifting.

  • Be willing to work in hot temperatures.



**The Natchitoches Farmers Market and Mobile Market are seeking volunteers to provide cooking demonstrations that focus on nutrition.

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